50 New Year Ways to Have a Pretty Fabulous Home

It’s a New Year, which automatically means thinking about changes to make, goals to create and methods to have a better life.  The care and keep of your home is one of the top environmental triggers to either keep you on track with your goals or pull you away from them due to distractions.  Keep in mind, “care and keep of your home” doesn’t just mean the sofa, table and loveseat décor; it also means checking off—do you get along with your family, is strife or arguments filling the air, or when you open every drawer is there disorder, disarray or just a smell that makes you turn your head to the left and say, I’ll get to that later. 


An incredible home doesn’t mean perfection…there’s always going to be a project or two that need to be completed, a pile of laundry to tackle or a sticky spill on the floor that you finally say, enough is enough.  The most important step is to have a realistic plan and create routines that tackle your environment.  So much of what I’ve learned and created in the list below has come from my success coach, Stacia Pierce.   She’s always motivating me to be a finisher and to think BIG and expect more out of life.

Read through this and let me know how it helps you to create a better home!

1.     Be grateful and write down what you’re thankful for regularly

2.     Be content while seeking new opportunities

3.     Forgive

4.     Show someone favor and give them a break

5.     Give 10% of what you earn

6.     Listen to your kids

7.     Hug your family often throughout the day

8.     Thank your spouse for all they do

9.     Spend an entire day doing nothing but seeing the good in everyone

10. Don’t complain

11. If you run into what seems to be a big problem, stop and imagine 10 ways to solve it no matter how crazy the ideas

12. Drive through your dream neighborhood regularly

13. Spend a day taking photos of your dreams

14. Do something special for someone each month

15. Clean out a drawer everyday for one week

16. Organize your closet

17. Read a book that motivates you and write a book report about it

18. Listen to an inspiring audio clip

19. Make a list of all the things that you love to do

20. Plan an entire day to yourself to enjoy your favorite things

21. Learn about your favorite vacation spots

22. Create a financial plan to do your dream vacation

23. Go to The Ultimate Success Tour

24. Buy The Success Journal

25. Call someone that has done something for you in life and thank them

26. Write your goals and accomplish something this week from your list

27. Start working out Now! 

28. Have a spa day!  Get a massage, meditate and think about your new year

29. Go see a great movie

30. Upgrade a space, room, lamp, anything!  Just change something for the better in your home

31. Finish your laundry and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment

32. What are you procrastinating?  Finish a project now!

33. Check your credit, understand your bills, face your finances

34.  Make a decision today to be better than the day before

35.  Dress up on a casual Friday

36.  Create positive buzz for yourself at work

37.  Update your resume

38.  Go for a promotion

39.  Pray

40.  Go to church regularly  

41. Take a training class, listen to a webinar, do something to increase your knowledge

42.  Subscribe to Success Magazine

43.  Get Amazon Prime

44. Read the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

45. Read the book Knowing Your Value by Mika Brzezinski

46. Go Shopping!  Checkout Macys

47.  Subscribe to Audible

48.  Face your fears by helping someone overcome theirs

49.  Make your bed everyday

50.  Always do your dishes before you go to be