Coloring Your Workspace and Life

Color doesn’t merely say something to you—it says something about you
— Moll Anderson

Everywhere I look I see Color, Color, Color!  It’s so fabulous because color adds life to an empty space.  It provides new light and hope when it may look dim and gray.  Color makes the imagination go wild with ideas and thoughts you’d never pursue in a dull environment.  Have you ever thought about how you naturally smile when you take in an environment that is colorful and inviting?  What I love about my home are the loads of color everywhere!  I had the awesome opportunity to witness my designer, Stacia Pierce, infuse color like a passion that calls and motivates me day after day.  That’s why I love her tool, The Success Journal!   By writing and scripting in such a beautiful eye popping journal, I can always keep myself excited about life!

I love what Moll Anderson said in her new book, Change Your Home Change Your Life with Color.  “Color doesn’t merely say something to you—it says something about you”.   Very powerful words!  I believe you have to look at how your environment reflects you as a person.  What vibe do you want to give off to others?  What impression do you want to leave someone when they've come into your environment?  Not that you become a "people pleaser", but you do want to think about the mark that you leave and if that helps motivate another person.

Another key to your environment is looking at the number of hours you spend at work vs. home.   It’s so important to ensure your work surroundings promote a motivating and colorful work environment; however, there are certain colors that will truly push you to finish that project vs. make you go into relax mode. 

I love this infographic from Cubical Concepts showing the top ways to create an inspiring workspace.  For instance, studies show taking short breaks every hour can improve productivity and focus. For this reason, offices can design modern, designated lounge spaces so employees don’t have to feel tied down to a desk all day.  Pretty incredible! 

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