Decorating a Fabulous Foyer that Inspires

"Home is the nicest word there is."

― Laura Ingalls Wilder


Imagine this.  Walking up the pathway to your home and hearing the sound of birds filling a warm summer breeze.  The bold entrance door quietly opens and a rush of beautiful color overtakes your vision and you see a blend of pinks, purples, greens and colors that automatically get your creative juices flowing.  These wonderful designs instantly pull vision out of you, to the point where you’re inspired all over again day after day.

This is the power of your home entrance.  It should be a jolt of inspiration each and every time—something that exudes positive energy and excitement to be home once again.  When a guest walks in they should feel that same positive energy and excitement—they should feel an environment that delivers new ideas, offers warmth, is safe and full of laughter.  No matter your budget or the size of your home, this is absolutely possible.

What’s also fun about entry spaces is they can double for so many things.  Often times it may be a laundry room, kitchen, a sudden living room, or even a storage room with a purely functional space.  These diverse areas can still be joyful and inspiring—it’s all in how you decorate.  Think about the power of decorative inspirational quotes as a gallery wall or even organized closet décor to avoid a clutter filled look. 

Sherry and John Petersik in their book, Lovable Livable Home list 5 Entryway Additions to avoid your foyer from falling flat.

  1. Invest in a Showstopping Door – whether it’s a bold color or a deep ebony tone, create a modern element to soak up from inside out
  2. Add Concealed Storage – when adding an entry table find something with drawers or a shallow cabinet for bonus space
  3. Protect the Floor Prettily – choose a rug with rich tone and a bold pattern
  4. Hang Something Unexpected – add flavor by hanging an antique that doubles as a mailbox or small storage
  5. Don’t Overthink It – a long dish can be an easy drop-zone for mail or a space to place your keys


What I love about walking out of my home is heading to a fabulous dinner or event where a striking look will be my forte.  Checkout this gorgeous dress from Shop Pink Blush—with beautiful bell sleeves, it is very comfortable, fitting, and provides a gorgeous style that makes me feel good.   The dress also comes in two other colors so you can match to any soirée. 

Here’s photos captured by @moraleschristian of my foyer decorated beautifully by Stacia Pierce, and click here to shop this dress!

Comment below how you've transformed your home entrance!