Preparing for Back to School

Preparation is never lost time
— Stacia Pierce

Can you believe it?  It’s already time to go back to school.  I know some of you may be thinking, wait a minute, we’ve still got a few weeks left; then others of you are saying, I’ve already started.  No matter where your schedule sits, you’re in it—the season of school prep. 

Well I’ve shifted into the swing of things as my daughter is in a Pre-K program, which is basically just like regular school.  There’s attendance, tardies, uniforms, mom’s clubs, meet-and-greets and all the regular things that a real school year is all about, just a couple years early.   I love the structure and the discipline and it’s exciting to see her learn so much at such a young age.  I never realized I’d see her use a microscope at age 3 or start her public speaking career with “show-and-share” displays of her favorite stuffed animal so soon.  It’s amazing to see what kids learn today and that teaching toddlers to code is the phonics of the 80’s. 

Here's a few things to help you prepare for a fabulous and successful school year.  I’d love to hear what you find works best.  This isn’t an exhaustive list but it is a way to get started on the right foot.

Preparing for Back to School

1.     Purge, Purge, Purge!  Eliminate unnecessary toys, clothes and clutter and get organized.  This is a great time to donate unneeded items or to pickup great school supplies at major discounts

2.     Get a Family Calendar – start writing down key dates and make plans now to either take time off work or to make yourself available for school events

3.     Family Meet Up – start talking now to confirm routines, who is taking the kids to school, or who is fixing the lunches.  This communication is extremely important and can keep tempers cool when the morning hustle and bustle begins

4.     Get Organized – create homework stations that are designated places your children can study after school

5.     Review Systems – sit down and think about the details—start routines, split chores, implement meal planning

6.     Verify Before you Buy – put on a kids fashion show to validate your shopping list—this will avoid impulse buying and make sure you don’t miss key items

7.     Create Affirmation Statements – help your kids stay positive by speaking optimistic words that build their confidence and foster their growth

Have an Incredible School Year!

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