Say No to the Holiday Blues

Do the holidays have you feeling blue?  Do you look at all the commercials and constant holiday cheer and think, why is everyone so happy?  Would you rather crawl under a rock and say, wake me up in February

Did you know that during the Christmas season people experience increased depression?  There are even higher incidents of suicide and attempted suicide. 

What is that?  Why during this time of year is it easy to slip away into a feeling of guilt, inadequacy and worthlessness. 


Well experts believe it can be related to a few things such as anger about being marketed to during this season, the extreme focus on perfection and gifts, and the pressure to focus on self-reflection which leads to feelings of inadequacy.   For others it can be social gatherings or seeing family and friends that have achieved more, or even remembering the loss of a loved one or a job.


Well, I’m here to say if you see yourself falling into Christmas loneliness or depression, here are a few things you can do to feel free, happy, worthy and content:

  • Be grateful always

  • Give of yourself to others

  • When you feel your mind thinking negative, immediately write down positive thoughts about yourself and your situation

  • If you’re a Christian like me, enjoy this season and take part in church activities, remember the real reason for the season

  • Find positive friends that are uplifting and that encourage you

  • Set a proper spending plan for gifts and create excitement around finding great deals to help stretch your dollar.   Click here for Oprah’s Favorite Things list on Amazon!

  • Organize your home and create a clean environment

  • Any serious depression should be properly treated by your doctor, so take yourself seriously and seek the appropriate help

No matter where life has taken you during 2016, you must know that 2017 will be brighter for you.  Believe that you’re on this earth for something greater than you can imagine and give of yourself and your time to be an encouragement to others.

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