15 Ways to Have a Pretty Fabulous Home

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I must say if you saw me 3 years ago you’d never believe anything in my home was pretty or fabulous.  My routines hailed disorder rather than consistently doing the little things to maintain order.  My décor breathed dull and boring rather than vibrant color.

Fast forward to today and I’m almost unrecognizable to the person I was.  It’s funny how an environment change can shift your life’s destiny into purpose filled steps that lead to total fulfillment.  That’s what happened to me.  It all started with my new home design from my coach Stacia Pierce.  It was like a whirlwind of change that impacted what I saw on a daily basis.  Then at the same time change started happening on the inside—especially in my marriage.  My husband and I came closer, started communicating more and really began to walk together instead of having no idea what was happening in each other’s lives.

So here’s the 15 ways—I’m sure there’s more but I wanted to share a few that really meant something to me. 

  1. List out the style and décor you want for each room of your home, then prioritize it and start gathering items each week
  2. Clean out the clutter!  Throw away, give away, and eliminate stuff that’s taking up too much space in your home.  To learn more about this process click here
  3. Give away any clothes that don’t fit anymore, are not your style or just items you want to purge—make room for more!
  4. Invest in great and stylistically appealing organizational tools, such as these from The Container Store
  5. Gather your favorite home and style magazines and start cutting out the look and design you want.  Review the photos daily as a way to stay focused and motivated.  Click here to learn more about this process
  6. Build strong relationships – find a group of friends that push you to complete your goals rather than tear you down
  7. Give something away each week to a local charitable organization, a church or a group you strongly believe in
  8. Have Faith – I’ve never seen anyone with true success without Faith in God
  9. Plan out great family adventures in your local community, network and meet new people
  10. Read at least one non-fiction book a month that aligns with your goals
  11. Be early to everything you have to attend (I know, some of you wish I’d read this one aloud—I’ve gotten better :)
  12. Journalize daily and write what you’re grateful for before you go to bed.  Click to learn more about my favorite journaling tool—The Success Journal
  13. Prepare for your morning the night before so you won’t be late
  14. Become money savvy—read books about saving money, investing and clearing debt
  15. Meal plan a week ahead so you eat according to your health goals

There’s the list!  I hope you enjoyed the points—I think I could have gone to 30 but we’ll just focus on these 15. 

Photographer: http://www.capturewithchris.photography/

Dress: http://www.shoppinkblush.com/

Jewelry: http://styleshoppe.com/store/


I want to hear from you! Comment below stating which one impacted you the most. Share what steps you made in your personal life to become Pretty and Fabulous!