It’s Time For Spring Cleaning!

Step outside, take a deep breath— I’m happy to report spring is in the air!  You know what that means—it’s time to sweep up, clean up, box up, give away, throw away or sell!  I must say I have fond memories of doing this as a youth.  I grew up in the 80’s which was famous for the kids doing all the work!  I remember partnering with my brother on tons of house projects, helping to live out my moms grand ideas of “making our bedrooms look like hotel rooms”.   I think we heard that being proclaimed almost every other day while we half watched TV and half hid our stuff under the bed.  (Secrets out).  I also recall my brother showing me tips to clean the bathroom in 10 seconds or less.  I won’t reveal how this was done in case other 12 year olds are reading this blog! 

As I grew into an adult I believe some of the keys to organization success went by the wayside as I got caught into work and being a new mom.  There was always so much to do and I was inclined to wait until it all pilled up to finally jump in and bring order to a heap full of mess.  After we moved into our new home, boy did the tables turn.  I realized the necessity of always staying clean and organized as a routine and not an event. 

I love what the Happy Home Manager says about organizing:

1.     Create a space in your home for everything!

2.     Put things back where they belong.  If you create a space for things, you’ll always know where they belong and can easily find it the next time you need it. 

3.     Creating a space for things helps to bring order, because there is a place to put it versus just putting it anyway. 

I love these keys and I can attest to how well they work.  My goal of having organizational help was revealed with the Happy Home Manager.  I knew I needed accountability and someone to push me when I was ready to just dump everything into a drawer, close it and forget about it.  Moving can be a tough time to actually put things in their place. Ideally it’s a great opportunity to purge and only bring what you really need, but depending on time and life commitments you may need help accomplishing this goal.  Don’t be afraid to seek out help or trade services with a friend.  It’s always worth it to enjoy your environment as a calming space.

Stacia Pierce always talks about clearing clutter out of your life.  At one of her success tours she mentioned eliminating visual clutter by cleaning out your bedroom, dressers, or closets.  Have you ever noticed how calm and at peace you feel from viewing something that is organized?  When you walk into those piles of clothes at the bottom of your closet how does that make you feel?  Which image brings motivation, confidence, and excitement for the day?

Erin Johnson owner of GreenWise Cleaning, a company specializing in all natural cleaning techniques, always prescribes to her clients to try some all natural cleaning products—especially if you have little ones at home.  The natural products she recommends remove stains and disinfect!  One trick I've tried of hers is hydrogen peroxide saturated on a cotton ball in the shower corners to remove mildew—works like a charm!!

How have you motivated your family to help out around the house? I’d love to hear your comments and strategies to get the whole family involved!