Tips to Hosting a Top Notch Housewarming Party


Your time has now come and you’re so excited!  You've just purchased a beautiful home and want to show it off to your close friends, family and acquaintances, so you need to throw an incredible housewarming party.  Well, there are some great tips I learned from hosting my party and I'd love to share a few.

1.     Dress with Confidence and Style.  The day of an event can be very stressful and overwhelming, but how you dress can be the cure to emotional ups and downs and last minute moments, in order to create a dream event.  When hosting an event such as a housewarming, wear a very beautiful yet comfortable dress that gives you the freedom to be on your feet for multiple hours but not constricted in your look where you can barely move.  That’s why I SO LOVE this dress I’m wearing by  It’s cute, fitting and easy to wear when hosting a busy event.  You can get it here for yourself—I KNOW you’ll love it!

Dress: Pink Blush

Dress: Pink Blush

2.     Get a Bold Designer.  Why have beautiful pieces without arrangement?  What is a canvas if it's blank with no image?  What is a home without the direction of a designer stringing decor like beautiful chords singing in harmony?  I was so fortunate to use my life and business coach, Stacia Pierce, to decorate our home.  Originally we searched for a designer looking in various stores, but found their style to be the 7 shades of beige.  While this look can be very appealing for some, I found Stacia Pierce took bold color moves with edgy textures and colorful styles to paint an unexpected yet cohesive picture, that is always inspiring and creative.  I am forever grateful for her help with our new home!!

3.     Plan ahead...Way Ahead.   Napoleon Hill said “Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire.”  I absolutely love this quote because it speaks to the importance of visualizing your event then putting pen to paper and ink your thoughts to make them reality.  So let’s make this practical…take time and really imagine how you want your event to go, brainstorm your dreams, and write down the details you see.  I know what you’re thinking—do I really have to do all that?  Yes!  Do it and you’ll see by the end of your event how much this process will help.  One of the tools I love to assist with this is my Success Journal by Stacia Pierce.  It’s a fabulous tool to help make these plans to reality.  It’s like a guided coach right at your fingertips leading you from dreams to manifestation.  I HIGHLY Recommend you use this journal for not just event planning, but life planning.  Journaling in a blank book of pages can lead to unintended thoughts that are not purposeful.  You need a guided journaling approach that leads to dream manifestation.  You can get your journal here—I can’t wait to hear how it’s changed your life like it has mine. 

4.     Have a Supportive Team.  Part of your imagination should be the team you’ll use to make this event a success.  You can’t do it alone—you need a team of people who believe in you and are excited about your success to keep the event flowing, make sure the details are covered, and to assist your guests.   This can either be an event planning company or a group of your closest friends.  Whatever you decide, just make sure it matches the vision you have for your event and the team is excited to rally around you.

5.     If Something Doesn’t Match your Plans, Work Hard to make it Right.  There I was putting the final touches on my event when just two hours before it began, a major catastrophe occurred with the chairs I’d ordered.  So much for the “…never been used outdoors…” sales pitch, as I took a sight unseen approach.  I was suddenly thrown into an emotional wreck, but then I was drawn back to my journal and my dreams for my event.  This didn’t match what I saw so I knew something was going to create itself as a solution to my problem.  In the end all was well as my decorator stepped in during the last minute and those muddy chairs turned into hot fuchsia beauty chairs that totally lit up the room.  Boy did I learn a lot at that moment.  “Trust But Verify” is the old Russian proverb Suzanne Massie taught President Ronald Reagan.  Ok maybe you weren’t expecting a Russian proverb at this moment, but it’s so true and that principle must be followed to prepare for almost anything in life.

6.     Go Have Fun!  Wait—so this is a party right?  It’s now time to CELEBRATE your success!  You did it!  Turn up the music, give tours of your home and enjoy your guests.  They want to celebrate you so go ahead and take in the moment.