In the Kitchen with Pretty Fabulous Home: Cooking Quesadillas

Being a busy mom with a top career in Corporate America, plus supporting my husband’s business, and having my own blog, means dinnertime needs to be quick and healthy.  The quick part can usually be done, but adding the word healthy to that equation can be a challenge.  In today’s age of quick heat meals or constant takeout, it can be easy to end up with a pretty un-healthy diet.  A method I’ve used to help my family stay on the right track is the Success Journal by my Life Coach Stacia Pierce.  This journal is packed with tons of thought triggers and accountability drivers to help you stay on your goals!

One meal I use to keep healthy choices a premium are Quesadillas.  What I love is the recipe can be flexible enough to add or take away ingredients based on what you and your family love to eat.  

Here’s my version of the great Mexican taste—double ingredients to serve for a large party:


1 tablespoon olive oil

1 green bell pepper chopped

1 red bell pepper chopped

1 onion chopped

2 tomatoes chopped

2 cups raw spinach or kale

2 cups cooked chicken or alternative

5 Whole Wheat Tortillas

½ cup cheddar cheese or alternative



  1. Base your skillet in olive oil or spray, then place tortilla onto a low heat skillet
  2. Turn the dial of your stove to medium then place all ingredients above on half of the tortilla, with cheese as the final ingredient.  Let cook until tortilla is lightly browned  
  3. Fold the tortilla closed (like a pocket) and press a spatula on top to mesh ingredients together for a few seconds
  4. Use the spatula to take the quesadilla off and place on a serving dish

Now, you have dinner!  Repeat steps above to make as many as desired.

To save additional time, purchase pre-chopped veggies in your grocers produce section, use pico de gallo, or simple salsa.  

Quesadillas using fresh salsa as a quick alternative to chopped veggies 

Quesadillas using fresh salsa as a quick alternative to chopped veggies 

Do you have a favorite quick and healthy meal? Comment below to share your recipe!


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