Summer Fun and Learning Activities for your Children

I’m so excited to collaborate this blog with my good friend and CEO of Kidz Success Coach, Rosene Johnson.  She is an expert in the area of education and provides excellent top-notch tips to enjoy family fun while still keeping your children educated this summer.


By Guest Blogger Rosene Johnson, CEO of Kidz Success Coach, LLC

Summer is the perfect time for family outings and vacations. While the kids are out of school for the next few months, you can still maintain the learning and include fun at the same time.  Studies show that school age children can regress one to two months during the summer, and that regression is correlated with socioeconomic background.  Continuing with educational activities can help your child stay on track for the new school year.  No, I’m not talking about workbooks and homework—leave that to their teachers. With a little planning you can create fun educational memories for your child for years to come.

Science and Summer

Summer time screams outdoors so let’s go for it!  Exposing your child to outdoor activities can help introduce science concepts and encourage lots of imagination.  Camping trips, hikes and visits to your local lakes and/or springs can be a great way to teach your child about animals, the environment and the beauty of nature.

If you are a little shy of the great outdoors, try your local Science Center for some indoor fun.  If you’re in the Orlando area or visiting soon, the Orlando Science Center is an amazing place for children. The Science Center boasts four floors of science fun for the budding inventor, scientist or engineer.

Water Wonderland

Living by some of the world’s largest oceans offers several opportunities for relaxing and learning.  A simple beach trip can provide several options for educational activities.  Here are a few of my favorites below:

1.     Draw and write in the sand

2.     Go on a scavenger hunt looking for shells, sand, seaweed and other items that are typically only found at the beach.

3.     Build sand castles—great way to use those math skills

4.     Fly a kite and talk to your child about the laws of lift and gravity. What a fun physics lesson!

Music Memories

Summer is a great time to introduce your child to a new instrument.  They have the time and have the ability to focus in on the activity.  Research indicates that children that participate in music programs, tend to do better in school and have more improved neural processing.  In other words, music affects the brain in a way that leads to positive brain development.  Research local music programs as several cities offer free or low cost music or performing arts summer camps for children of all ages.


Summer time can be a time of fun and focus. With a little creativity, the summer can become a time of continual learning and help your child get ahead for the next school year. 


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Rosene Johnson is an international speaker, blogger and educational leader.  Rosene has been featured as a speaker for the National Association for the Education of Young Children, National Association of Child Care Professionals, Michigan Non-Profit Alliance, Edyth Bush Institute and Philanthropy Center at Rollins College and Michigan State University.  Rosene has been an educator and non-profit executive for nearly 20 years.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Family Community Services and a Master’s Degree in Child Development both from Michigan State University.  She is the founder and CEO of the Kidz Success Coach, LLC a company that equips parents to provide the best of everything for their kids.